Personal Branding 2016

I believe the only way to get noticed and truly connect in this noisy world is by being different, authentic, and having a consistent & cohesive brand.

My name is Atul Pradhananga and I'm an independent designer and brand consultant living in Nepal. Over the past few years, I have grown a lot, both personally and professionally. So, I thought this new year would be the perfect time for a complete rebranding.

With this rebranding, my main goal was to add my personality and values, which I continuously preach about, into my own personal brand. I wanted my personal brand to radiate creativity, boldness, trust, growth, and my authentic personality to the core.

During the entire designing and branding process, I focused mostly on distinction, simplicity, and cohesiveness.The logo is not just a representation of my name, but of my passion for design, my love for my country, and my belief in growth on every aspect of business and life.